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Seychelles to be connected to the world through the Optic Fibre Submarine Cable System
Office of the Vice President

The Department of Information Communication Technology D(ICT) has today hosted a ceremony for the signing of a supply contract for the manufacturing and laying of a submarine optic fibre cable between Seychelles and Tanzania.  This submarine cable project is called the Seychelles East Africa System.

 The Principal Secretary for Finance signed the document on behalf of the Government of Seychelles, which has entered into partnership with the 2 largest telecommunication operators in Seychelles; Cable and Wireless and Airtel Seychelles to form the Seychelles Cable System Ltd (SCS) the funding company for the building and operation of the project.  SCS is being assisted by Development Funding Institutions (DFI) in the financing of SEAS.

 The contract for the project worth over €24 million has been awarded to an international Paris-based company; Alcatel-Lucent.  Mr Philippe Dumont, Alcatel-Lucent’s President signed on behalf of his company.  

 The new system will provide Seychelles with high speed direct access to the world’s optical fibre network.  It will ensure better quality and affordable internet access and new broadband infrastructure for Government services, private sectors service providers and the general public as end users.

 In his address, at the signing ceremony for the contract, the Vice President stated that the project was a classic example of how public and private sectors can join forces to work for the betterment of our society.

 This partnership project will contribute to business growth and productivity by providing faster, more reliable and effective telecommunication services.  The positive link between international connectivity and faster economic development is globally well established.

 The Vice President acknowledged the presence of primary, secondary and post secondary student representatives attending the ceremony and remarked that the signing of the contract was an important milestone in the development of ICT in Seychelles.  He referred to it as Seychelles taking another step through the door of the digital world.

 “What we are witnessing today is the pace setting for tomorrow’s development.  It is a legacy to our children and youth.  We dream of the best for them and it is our wish that they embrace and appreciate what the Government is doing to ensure that their future is bright” he said.

 Investments made by the service providers over the last few years and the number of major ICT projects conceived and developed are a clear indication that the government is continuing to make considerable progress in this sector.

 In order to boost their business competitiveness, the telecommunication providers have continuously striven to improve their services and offer their clients the latest and most sophisticated technology resources on the market.  Despite this fact , the clients keep asking for more affordable and better services wanting to keep abreast with international standards.

 With the installation of the submarine fibre optic cable, more people will want to avail themselves of higher level services and new technology applications.  This  growing demand for online subscribers will create a more competitive market for the telecommunication providers.  Consequently, it is expected to contribute to lowering the service cost for the general public and widening the scope for businesses to kick start and grow.

 Information Note


 The Government of Seychelles initiated the Seychelles Submarine Cable Project along with four telecommunication operators; namely Airtel, Cable and Wireless (Seychelles) Limited (C&WS), Kokonet and Intelvision to further develop Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) services in 2008.  An SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) was created, the Seychelles Cable Systems Ltd (SCS), and the principal partners are Government, C&WS and Airtel.

 A Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS) of the proposed cable system was completed in March 2010 and was undertaken by AXIOM. The study was funded by the African Development Bank. Three technical solutions were extensively reviewed and negotiated with potential suppliers by the SCS.

      The ‘direct build’ option which consists of a point-to-point submarine cable link from Seychelles to Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania, East Cost Africa) is SCS’s preferred option as it is the cheapest and least risky to build, has the strongest onward connectivity possibilities, and is the only option that is not dependent on other parties. The name given to this system is SEAS (Seychelles East Africa System).  Alcatel is the company which has been awarded the contract to manufacture and lay this 1917 km long submarine cable system.

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