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Apply for a passport

Like in any other country, a Seychelles citizen too will need a passport to travel abroad.

Who can apply?

A citizen of Seychelles may apply to get a passport or a travel document.

Where do I need to go?

You need to go to the Immigration division, in the 1st floor of the Independence house.

What documents do I require?

• Birth Certificate,
• 2 copies of passport size photographs.
• National identity card.
• Adoption certificate in the case of a person having been adopted,
• Marriage Certificate in case of married woman.
• If your names have been changed other than by marriage or adoption, certified copy of the document must be submitted.
• Certified copies of Naturalization/Registration certificates must be submitted in the case of citizenship.
• Proof of custody/guardianship of the child must be submitted.
• If you are in possession of a Seychelles passport which has not been cancelled, it should be attached to this application.

Who can countersign my passport application form?

The person who is eligible to countersign your application is someone who has known you for at least 2 years. The person countersigning your application must not be an immediate member of your family. The person can be:
• A member of the National Assembly,
• Head Teacher of a school,
• A District Administrator,
• Judge, Magistrate, Barrister,
• Attorney-at-Law, Notary,
• Public Servant (not below the rank of Head of a Division),
• Police Officer (not below the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police) ,
• An Officer of the Defence Forces,(not below the rank of Captain) ,
• Medical Practitioner,
• Minister of Religion or Justice of the Peace.

How do I apply?

Fill the passport application form which can be downloaded from the side and submit it to the immigration division.

How much does it cost?

Submit the application along with a fees of Rs750/-.

Where can I get more information?

Independence house 1st floor

Postal address:
Immigration office
Independence House
P.O Box 430

Fax Number: (248)4321046/4225035

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